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Whether you sign up for salsa lessons or come by for the Friday night socials, you will burn calories and lose weight when you choose dancing as an exercise form. It’s fun, low-impact and effective. Whittle your waistline even while you become more graceful and elegant.

Our dance studio offers group ballroom dance lessons and Friday night socials, so you will have more opportunities to meet new people. You don’t have to bring a partner with you, we can help you find someone to dance with.

Learning how to move with the music is a natural way to become more graceful. Even if you cannot master the moves in your Latin dance lessons, you will still learn how to move with a liquid grace that is attractive and seductive.

Kids have some interesting ways of dancing, and most of their slow dances involve nothing more than a prolonged hug with gentle sway. We can teach you how to waltz along with the music, swing with style and even move across the room with a fast and impressive hustle. The next time you’re at a party and the music comes on, you will have the confidence to take a partner and head out on the floor. That confidence isn’t limited to the dance floor, either.

Group Classes

Learn how to dance in a fun and energetic group atmosphere.

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